You would be shocked to know cost of Living in Portugal

It’s a mystery why this mesmerizing country has been so often and so long overlooked. The weather in Portugal is hard to beat. A temperate climate (although rainy during winters in the north) allows a person plenty of time for outdoor activities. Healthcare, both public and private, is widely available, inexpensive, and efficient.

And it’s the most affordable country in Western Europe. In Portugal, expenses fall between one third and one quarter of what they are for the same things in the US or UK.

For example, a couple can easily live in a suburb of Lisbon in a comfortable apartment, without a car, and enjoy a moderate budget for entertainment, in addition to necessities, for $1,500 a month. Try doing that in any other Western European capital. A lunch for two at an inexpensive restaurant runs $16; pay double that for a mid-range eatery. A round-trip public transportation ticket is about $3.25, but you can travel on a pass for an entire month for less than $40. A one-bedroom rental in town averages $690, and outside the city center, $450. Utilities average about $110, and internet usage about $27 for one month.

Goes to show that the dream you had about living in a quaint European town is well within your reach, should you choose so. There are several other European nations in addition to Portugal that offer great migration opportunities to individuals and families looking to invest in a citizenship or permanent residency in a country away from home.

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