Why Us

Why Us

SmartMove Immigration is a niche firm of Immigration law in India with branches across the country; Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chandigarh. Our team is led by a specialist Solicitor. Evolving from practicing exclusively in the area of UK nationality and immigration law, our expertise now encompasses a wider global mix including immigration, nationality and visa laws of Australia, New Zealand, USA, Malta, Portugal, Dominca, St. Kitts and Nevis, India and Canada.SmartMove Immigration trades as ‘The SmartMove2UK’ ‘SmartMove2Canada’ ‘SmartMove2Oz’ Starting in 2007, we now have more than 12 years of experience in providing objective, competent and correct Immigration advice. SmartMove Immigration offers its clients a personal and friendly, yet comprehensive and precise, solution to their immigration, travel and business needs. Through the years of our services, we have developed the expertise to understand our clients’ needs and advice on the prospects of success, along with potential pitfalls, in pursuing a particular application. Working together, our associates will use their knowledge to find a solution that matches your needs in every way possible. Our expertise includes immigration, nationality, and visa advice to individuals, corporations, investors, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Our advice includes:

  • Visa procedures for setting up an overseas branch/subsidiary for a business
  • Due process for hiring an overseas national or transferring an employee from home country
  • Furthering your career on a global scale for skilled professionals
  • Exploring new markets for investors and entrepreneurs
  • Simply travelling to new countries as a globetrotter

What we assist with:

  • Understanding the legal requirements
  • Meeting and evidencing your eligibility
  • Content of documentation required
  • Processing timescales and Follow Ups
  • Supplementary matters
SmartMove Immigration boasts holds a 99% success rate in over 12 years immigration and nationality services with ZERO failures due to technical errors. This is evidenced by the glowing reviews our clients leave for us on various platforms, including Google and Facebook reviews. If you have decided on making your move abroad or are thinking about it, be sure to make SmartMove Immigration your first milestone to start this journey. This way, you could focus on everything you need to and leave the immigration headaches in the hands of professionals who have been doing this for years. Book an initial consultation with our Immigration experts by contacting us through any of the channels listed below. Think Visas, Think SmartMove Immigration.