Walkaway financing option for citizenship by investment and PR by investment

citizenship and PR by investment

Citizenship by investment

From the wide spectrum of ways to immigrate into a country, citizenship by investment is yet another effortless and easier option. Citizenship by investment (CBI) is a reliable way to acquire citizenship of any country by investing in its resources. It can help you secure citizenship quicker that the cumbersome conventional options. It plays a key role in attracting wealthy foreign nationals and boosting the sponsor country’s economy. Acquiring a second citizenship can open new doors of possibilities and benefits for you.

With this program, citizenship can be easily obtained for parents, relatives, singles, couples, etc. The eligibility criteria may vary a little, but it is important that the documents and investments be authentic and legitimate. We, at SmartMove Immigration, understand the necessity of prompt documentation and verification required for procuring citizenship through all types of programs.

Few countries that offer the Citizenship by investment (CBI) program are Cyprus, Dominica, St. Kitts, Turkey and Jordan.

Some statistical evidence that prove the rising prominence of Citizenship by investment (CBI) programs are:

  • The investment migration industry has expanded from $ 2.9 billion in 2011 to $ 21.4 billion in 2018.
  • Sources suggest that
  • Cyprus around $1.2 billion
    Malta raised around $480 million,
    Grenada around $ 117 million from CBI in 2017-2018.

Permanent Residence (PR) by investment

Permanent residency is not the same as citizenship to a country. While the PR holder can reside, travel and access amenities within the host country, he is barred from voting and other exclusive rights of a citizen. Permanent Residence by investment is a relatively easier way to acquire PR in the host country by investing in its economy. Some countries that provide Residence by Investment (RBI) program are Australia, Greece, Ireland, US and New Zealand.

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Some statistical evidence that prove the rising demand for RBI programs are:

  • The number of applicants for the RBI program increased from 5063 in 2011 to 13,889 in 2017, showing a Compound Annual Growth (CAGR) of about 16%.
  • Ireland raised about $ 300 million in 2017.

Extrapolating the current rising trends regarding Citizenship by Investment (CBI), Experts estimate that the global investment migration market could enter the $ 100 billion sector by 2025, provided the 26% CAGR persists.

Advantages of acquiring PR or citizenship

Several prominent reasons of immigrating into another country are as follows:

  • Access to improved healthcare, education and security
  • Higher standard of living and improved lifestyle
  • Greater mobility and enhanced connectivity
  • Comfortable and peaceful retirement
  • Enhanced social, economic and cultural well-being
  • Tax optimization and lower cost of living

An affordable gateway to all these benefits is now a reality. We, at SmartMove Immigration, are ready to assist you, with timely and accurate assistance, out of this web of intricate immigration laws.

The Walkaway Financing Option

The walkaway financing option, in the immigration terminology, is an attractive and convenient form of investment for immigrant investors wishing to acquire a country’s citizenship or PR. This option provides citizenship at a fraction of the conventional costs. It has thus, managed to catch the attention of potential immigrants. Instead of investing the entire amount, the investors can obtain finance from trusted Financial Intermediaries, where they receive no returns. However, this substantially reduces the requisite investment. The Financial Intermediaries benefit from these no-interest loans and the cost to the investors is drastically reduced. Hence, this is indeed a win-win situation for both the immigrants and the host country.

Case Study – Quebec, Canada

In 2014, the former federal Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) was scrapped. Initially the investor had to prove his business experiences, his net worth and investment of atleast CAN $ 800,000. But presently, Canada requires investors to fulfill the provincial requirements to acquire Permanent Residence (PR) to the province. Several provinces have their programs, one of which is Quebec. Once the PR is allotted, it grants free movement across Canada. However, according to Immigration Sources, only 528 out of 4,100 showed up to live in Quebec upto October 2019.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) is almost analogous to the US Government’s EB-5 program. It demands that investors must possess atleast CAN $ 1.6 million as finances or funds. Also, the immigrant investor must invest atleast CAN $ 800,000 in Canada. This program guarantees the return of all finances after 5 years, along with Permanent Residency.

This is where the walkaway finance option comes into the picture. Investors can obtain financing from authentic intermediaries, but they shall receive no funds in the end. Instead of investing the entire amount of CAN $ 800,000, the investors can avail ‘walkaway financing’ with CAN $ 350,000 (subject to prevailing market rates). After your application is approved, you can apply for the Residency Permit.


While the walkaway finance is an efficacious and reliable tool for acquiring citizenship and PR, the application and filling processes are still arduous and troublesome. Visas are often rejected due to even trivial errors and insufficient documentation. With its humongous success rate, SmartMove Immigration promises to remove this burden from your shoulders and make this stressful process effortless for you.

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