Turkey is a Eurasian country, a regional powerhouse with a membership of G20 and NATO in addition to being an EU member country. It is a secular country offering a democratic and westernised lifestyle. Turkey has a safe and happy environment for the family and enjoys a wonderful climate throughout the year.

What’s more, it is the very hospitable and welcoming manner to foreigners, the city of Istanbul embraces Europe and Asia on the Bosphorus Strait – providing significant strategic importance to the country.

Why select Turkey for citizenship?

  • Regional Powerhouse – G20 / NATO Member / EU Candidate Country
  • A secular country offering democratic and westernised lifestyle
  • Safe and happy environment for the family
  • The wonderful climate throughout the year
  • Very hospitable and welcoming manner to foreigners
  • Easy to do Business / High GDP per capita
  • Strong, Independent Legal System and Courts
  • Fair Tax System / High Quality of Life
  • Perfect location nestled between Europe, Asia and the Middle East and Africa
  • Opportunity to relocate and live in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful and developed towns in the World or any other part of Turkey
  • Due to recent depreciation in Turkish Lira, it is the perfect time to invest in Turkish real estate market and at the same time obtain the citizenship for all family.
  • Superb Educational Facilities
  • E1 treaty country – allows Turkish nationals to live and work in the USA as Investor
  • E2 treaty country – allows Turkish nationals to live and work in the USA as Entrepreneurs
  • Ankara – UK agreement – allows Turkish nationals to enter the UK


The Turkey program has proven very popular in the Middle East and Asia for the following reasons:

  • Inexpensive: $250,000 property investment, can be sold after 4 years
  • Value: No donations or expensive fees, investors own a true freehold real estate asset and the passport is added value on top + Rental yields of 6% – 9% on the property
  • Fast: Around 3 months of processing time, no residence time requirement
  • Simple: no source of funds, no asset declaration, no criminal record check
  • Access: provides easy access to the US (E2 visa), UK (ECAA visa) and 110+ visa-free countries