Top 5 reasons to apply for Australia PR

It is every common man’s dream to have high standard of living and a balanced lifestyle. What Australia offers apart from its scenic beauty, it also has a strong economy which tends to attract people all the more to migrate to Australia to have a better and a stable life.

Top five main reasons why people are applying for Australia is because:

  1. An Australia Permanent Residency (PR) visa allows a right to live, work and study without any limitation and you can apply to become a citizen of Australia and get the same after meeting the prerequisites.
  2. Working in Australia on a Permanent Resident Visa, an applicant would no longer have to be tied to one employer and they can choose to undertake any occupation of their choice in any location.
  3. The permanent residents are allowed the health care entitlement which is a health insurance scheme run by the government called Medicare.
    It provides free care in public hospitals and subsidized fees for certain medical services and prescription medications. Most clinics provide a rebate paid through Medicare (private clinics) or fully free consultation across Australia. Even women who were not pregnant at the time of getting their PR approved will be able to use Medicare once their PR is approved while pregnant – there are no prerequisites or grace periods to wait out.
  4. The day-care and childcare industry in Australia is a very high demand one, with places in them very highly sought after by parents for their kids. Child Care Rebate helps with the cost of child care fees. It covers up to 50% of your out of pocket child care expenses up to an annual limit of $7,613 per child.
    There are other childcare rebates as well, such as the Child Care Benefit that is a cash payment to help with childcare costs. Some of these benefits are income tested, but you may qualify for them immediately upon settling in Australia.
  5. Freedom to Travel to New Zealand: Australian permanent residents have got the right to travel to New Zealand and apply for the NZ visa.
    It is time to nurture your dream towards migration to Australia and make it a reality for yourself and your family. Take a minute to fill out your details and our experts might have the exact answers you are looking for.

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