Direct EB-5 visa

EB-5 visa can be called the parent category–while Direct EB-5 program and Regional center investments program are its sub-categories. In essence – the difference between these two routes is that […]

Monetize your rolodex – how chartered accountants, lawyers, financial consultants are the new gatekeepers There is a quote doing the rounds these days that goes “your network is your net […]

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected several world economies. A significant shift in the first-world economies is apparent from the recent quarterly economic growth data. From brand-new restrictions on foreign […]

USA Immigration Temporary Ban

Update: USA Immigration Ban Further to the announcement by President Trump on a ‘temporary ban’ on immigration to USA for 60 days. – It is clarified that this immigration ban […]


The United States of America has a strong and proud history of attracting migrants to its shores, especially those with little more than a business idea and a dream of […]