Start-Up Visa Canada- Setting up a business in Canada


If a person wishes to live in Canada, they can apply to come to Canada as a business immigrant. This is the only way that they will be able to start a business in Canada and live in Canada too. There are two types of business immigration programs: the start-up visa Canada program, and a program for self-employed persons.

To participate in the start-up visa Canada program, the person must:

  • Have a qualifying business.
  • Meet the English or French language requirement.
  • Have enough money to settle and live in Canada before their business starts making money.
  • Possess a letter of support from a designated organization.

To come to start-up visa Canada as a self-employed person the applicant must have either:

  • The essential experience in cultural activities or athletics, and be able to make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada.
  • The desired experience in Farm management and have the intention to be able to buy and manage a farm in Canada.

To conduct business successfully, it is also necessary to understand the express entry program in Canada.

Other factors affecting the application to come to Canada as a self-employed person includes the client’s education, age, adaptability and language abilities; the client must be able to listen, speak, read and write English or French proficiently to come to Canada.

Several industries are doing well in Canada. 5 most popular business ideas for doing business in Canada are as follows:

  • Transportation and storage: The transportation and storage industry comprises the shipping of goods and passengers transportation services, as well as warehousing and storage service.
  • Waste Management and Remediation: Waste is never going from our planet, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for environmentally conscious entrepreneurs to help the planet and make a nice profit out of the same.
  • Professional Service: In the year 2015, small- and medium-sized professional services enterprises are showing a flourishing trend in Canada, with nearly 89 per cent of the profitable and their average yearly revenue spiking the scales at nearly $260,000.
  • Real Estate: Another corollary of a flourishing economy arises from people buying and renting houses, condos, and office space. As businesses develop and diversify, they require new workers to bridge vacant positions.
  • Fitness and Recreational Sports Centres: Boutique fitness centres are springing up all over North America, giving big impersonal chain gyms serious competition as the de facto place to go for a workout. Whether it is the passion for CrossFit, kickboxing, martial arts, yoga, or another hot fitness trend, by picking the right location for the business and knowing how to market it, the business can expand very quickly.

It is believed that Canada is one of the top 10 countries to start a business in and earn profits out of the same. This is because the country is very rich in natural resources and also has immensely skilled labour and also a stable government. If a person would like to immigrate to Canada as an Entrepreneur or Investor, the person has several Entrepreneur and Investor Visa options available to them, including the general Start-up Visa Program and the provincial-specific Nominee Program.

The Provincial Nominee Program is a point-based system. To enter Canada through PNP, the candidate needs to attain 67/100 points. The points are calculated on the following parameters: age, education, work experience, IELTS examination score and other adaptability factors.

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