Setting up a business in Vancouver through Start-up Visa Canada.


Few countries provide direct Permanent Residency to foreign nationals (subject to them meeting the set requirements) and PR for Canada eligibility is among one of those. There are various routes through which a foreign national can apply to move to Canada on a PR and each route has a different set of requirements that have to be met. The primary motive for Canada to have such flexible programs for foreign nationals is because the country is looking for skilled workers to migrate to the country as demand for the same is high and the chances for Start-up Visa Canada are high.

Apart from Express Entry, there is an option for foreign nationals to apply for Permanent Residency for Canada eligibility through the provinces in Canada. One such route is the Entrepreneur immigration route for British Columbia. This route is designed for entrepreneurs who hold strong work experience in their domain of work and are desirous of Canada PR – setting up a business in Canada for British Columbia province. The idea behind this immigration program is to bring such entrepreneurs to British Columbia who can contribute positively towards economic growth and promote innovation in the province through Start-up Visa Canada

The entrepreneurs are required to meet the appended requirements for obtaining Start-up Visa Canada:

  • Invest minimum funds of C$200,000 in Canada which can be in a self-employed business or an existing business.
  • Have a personal minimum net worth of C$600,000 which can be in the form of liquid savings, real estate, investments, cash funds, properties etc.).
  • Is actively self-employed in business as a manager or owner.
  • Must demonstrate 100% ownership of a business for at least 3 years in the last 5 years.
  • Must have a business plan that demonstrates the plans and projections of the business including the expected job creation and growth of the business in Canada.

The process for applying for Entrepreneur Immigration route to obtain Permanent Residency for Canada eligibility is also points based in essence. Each category has a certain level of points that are awarded to the entrepreneurs depending on their profile and credentials.

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