St Kitts & Nevis

ST. KITTS AND NEVIS Citizenship by Investment

St. Kitts and Nevis runs the oldest economic passport program in the world, in operation since the year 1984. Several other Caribbean nations have successfully imitated and emulated these programs. The two-island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis is referred to by many as the “platinum” citizenship program in the region.

The requirements are simple: you can donate money to a government development fund, or you can buy real estate from a government approved list. The donation is almost always the better option, as the real estate is vastly over-priced. Until recently, the donation option started at $250,000 and went up from there. Then following the hurricane hits of recent years, the St. Kitts government rolled out a controversial Hurricane Relief Fund which slashed the price and allowed family members to come for free. The Hurricane Relief Fund is no longer available, but the donation now starts at $150,000.

The real estate investment has a minimum requirement of $200,000 and there are many providers ready to sell you everything from a hut to an apartment-suite in a five-star hotel. You can technically re-sell it in several years, but it’s likely you won’t get your money back. The real estate option involves extra government fees.

St. Kitts’s investment by citizenship program also offers a rush option to get approval within 45 days if you have a valid reason to request such an option. This option also offers an additional bonus of visa-free travel to Russia.

Smart Move Immigration Verdict:

St. Kitts and Nevis have made efforts to correct their citizenship by investment program pricings in recent years due to price wars. While still overpriced, it does offer a secure future of stability and growth for its business investors.

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