Reasons you should be Doing business in Yukon, Canada


Any business person with experience in investing in Canada will tell you that nothing beats doing business in Yukon.  Yukon, Canada offers a pathway for investors and entrepreneurs seeking to invest in or start a business in Yukon. In this series, we look at the opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs.

What makes doing business in Yukon so lucrative? Yukon has been ranked third among Canadian jurisdictions and ninth in the world for investment attractiveness; its positive ranking and benchmarking continues to propel investment in the territory.

Top reasons why global enterprises are substantially drawn to invest in Canada:

  • Exceptional talent,
  • Geographic leverage,
  • Some of the lowest operating costs and taxes in the G20.

These are just some of the reasons world-leading companies are setting up their establishments in Canada. Among them, the largest Fortune 500 companies are envisaging existing operations or reinstating new R&D hubs in Canada.

Altogether, they are building on competitive advantage, commercializing latest inventions and establishing a link to a wide array of global supply chains.

It is a golden opportunity in itself to actualize your smart investment decision in Canada.

Top 7 reasons to invest in Yukon:

  1. Yukon being accessible by high-way to the rest of Canada and the ports of Skagway, Alaska, and Stewart, BC, Yukon has more than 2,700 identified mineral occurrences and remarkable geological capability.
  2. Opportunities in mining and exploration – the 2018 Fraser institute’s annual survey of mining and exploration gave Yukon a high ranking.
  3. A dynamic, regulatory incumbency with legislation that protects investments.
  4. Stable; solution-oriented and is well-equipped with the pro-industry government.
  5. Strong geological endowment as well as exploration potential.
  6. Security of tenure, permits, and licenses that are first-rate worldwide, Yukon controls decisions on resources.
  7. Associations with business/investment First Nation partners.


More reasons to invest in Yukon

  • Enriched with mineral and metal resources with well-developed infrastructure, the future of Yukon is that it will become a more attractive investment destination under the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).
  • CETA spurs investment by providing Canadian and EU investors with greater certainty, transparency, and protection for their investments.
  • Under CETA, companies operating in Yukon enjoy guaranteed preferential access to both the EU and North American markets.
  • Sectors of strengths for Yukon, including mining and exploration, oil and gas, and innovation and technology, especially benefit from CETA’s investment provisions.


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