Preparing for Life in UK test

This article is an unorthodox guide to preparing for Life in UK Test. The reason we are referring to it as unorthodox is because this isn’t a study guide. If one considers the Life in UK test to be a formal requirement, they might still get through, but the process becomes a hundred times easier if you consider the ways in which understanding British life might be beneficial for you in more ways than simply to pass a test.

The United Kingdom is a fascinating nation. If you are preparing for the Life in UK test, then you already know this. Then why don’t you just familiarize yourself with the British way of life in a way that ensures you stay fascinated, without losing your excitement regarding moving to the UK?

Unorthodox tips that might help you pass the Life in UK Test:

  1. Watch a nice BBC documentary about British history.
  2. Start watching a TV series situated in the UK.
  3. Read online versions of British Daily Newspapers
  4. Pick a lifestyle magazine publication of the UK and just browse through the pictures.
  5. Speak to a British person if you can about their day to day life and work patterns.

Doing the above 5 exercises might just put you in a much better position to ace your Life in UK test as opposed to spending weeks studying for an exam.

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