Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe with an excellent reputation, a very high Human Development Index ranking, a high level of security, and one of the world’s most globalized and peaceful nations.

Portugal is the member of the European Union, the Schengen area and has been using the euro as its currency since 2002

Key advantages of residence in Portugal
  • Visa-free travel within the Schengen area
  • Eligibility to apply for citizenship after five years as a legal resident while keeping other citizenships
  • Excellent international and Portuguese schools and universities
  • International quality health care clinics and hospitals
  • High quality of life and low crime rate
Golden Residence Permit

The Golden Residence Permit Program has been running since October 2012 and allows qualified applicants to obtain residence status in Portugal, even while being resident elsewhere. An investor’s family may join them in Portugal. It is ideal for individuals looking to obtain the freedom to live and work in Europe.

Investment options:
  1. Capital Transfer
    • Capital transfer of a minimum of EUR 1 million to a Portuguese bank account OR
    • EUR 350,000 for the acquisition of units of investment **
  2. Property purchase
    • A real estate purchase with a minimum value of EUR 500,000/EUR 350,000*
  3. Business
    • Create minimum 10 new jobs*
    • Invest EUR 350,000 for the incorporation **
In general, all investors are required to comply with the following requirements:
  • Keep the investment for a minimum period of 5 years
  • Funds for investment should come from abroad
  • Entry in Portugal with a valid Schengen visa
  • Absence of references in the Portuguese Immigration and the Schengen services
  • Absence of conviction of relevant crime
  • Minimum stay in Portugal: 7 (seven) days during the first year and 14 (fourteen) days during each subsequent period of two years