Personal Review

Personal Review

The Review helps you avoid unnecessary expenses, such as visa application fees, until you are certain your application has the best possible chance of success.

In addition to avoiding unnecessary expenses you also save time instead of filing an application that does not succeed.

A personal review is your opportunity to discuss your profile in detail, seek advice on improving your chances of success, and ask any questions regarding your application that may be of concern. You can be assured of an in-depth response, advice on how to proceed, and ways that you can better your chances of a successful Visa application.

For a one time, paid consultation, our immigration experts will collect, examine and assess all the necessary information and documentation necessary for your application, and advise you of any factors that may increase the prospect of a successful application.

Key features of a Personal review:
  • Assessing your application to ascertain if you meet the requirements to make visa application that will allow you to live and work in your desired country.
  • To draft list of document relevant in your case to make a valid application
  • Discussing the entire procedure for relevant visa
  • Estimate cost that will be involved in the process including High Commission fee and our professional fees.
  • Estimate time that will be involved in the process.
  • Option to avail the consultation
    • In person – at our office premises in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru
    • On Telephone
    • Over Skype
    • WhatsApp/Viber Calling
  • Written summary of the advice given at the consultation.

To know more about this service or to book an appointment please email us at

Book a personal review online

Our online personal review allows you to interact with an expert immigration lawyer, at the time and day of your choosing.

If there is something you aren’t sure about — what application to make, what form to use, what evidence to include, whether you qualify — then try our online personal review.

Simply chose the time and day you wish to speak to our experts, pay online, connect using our online personal review and then ask us anything. We will answer all your questions and start you on your way to making a successful immigration application.

If you require further legal assistance, we will advise you on the most appropriate legal service based on your requirements and needs.

Costs just £85 (excl. tax) for a half hour connection with one of our experts.