Monetize your rolodex

Monetize your rolodex

Monetize your rolodex – how chartered accountants, lawyers, financial consultants are the new gatekeepers

There is a quote doing the rounds these days that goes “your network is your net worth”. There are a number of people we come across in a day and even more in a month or a year. If you could change your network from just knowing a bunch of people to actually turn them into your clients, then this quote realizes its true meaning.

Knowing a lot of people itself doesn’t help you further in achieving your goals and hitting those milestones you’ve set for yourself. Having the ability to turn those connections into your assets which bring you profit or add value in some way is very essential.

You make your business to know about your clients and in every step of the way, you know what they want and what they need. This knowledge helps your client but if used wisely, can help you as well!

As you advise your client as to what investment to get into and what laws will protect them, it’s important for you to know when to nudge your client to take a step forward. Citizenship – by investment is one such step.

Citizenship – By Investment

Citizenship by investment is a growing and expanding industry and one of the few industries still maintaining that growth since COVID-19 hit the world. Countries are trying to fight the pandemic on the economic frontier along with health care and are eager to have more investments in their economy.

Benefits of investing for citizenship are immense. From quality education to excellent health care facilities, all come under your reach.

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Legal and financial assistance for citizenship

Investing in a country for citizenship is a financial decision but it also requires legal assistance. Entrepreneurs and business owners wish to expand their portfolios but also want to minimize their risks from the legal standpoint too. That’s when you can nudge them to take the decision based on your experience and knowledge in fields of Taxation laws and Citizenship laws etc.

How does networking help you grow?

In today’s world, being able to monetize your rolodex is the key factor to success. Getting new leads always reaches a saturation point and building upon existing leads or clients is what keeps you moving forward. It’s crucial that you expand your network and in the process of that expansion, you grow and expand in your career and finances as well. That only happens if you could use your network to your advantage.

How to monetize your rolodex?

It is clear that monetizing your network is essential. You can expand and monetize your network in the following ways:

  • You should know when your clients are seeking to expand their international presence.
  • Once your client is ready, give them the option of investing for citizenship. This could help them in their investing endeavors.
  • Earn referrals by providing referral to SmartMove2UK.
  • Get additional benefits of referring your clients to SmartMove Immigration – to know more visit SmartMove Immigration.
  • Add value to your client.

SmartMove Immigration is the place for if you are looking for something different as well as something that instantly converts your network into your net worth. What distinguishes SmartMove2UK from its competitors is its legal perspective to deal with immigration applications.

By referring your clients looking to expand their presence internationally to SmartMove2UK, you can extend your practice and revenue streams as a lawyer / CA / financial analyst.

About SmartMove Immigration

SmartMove Immigration is an immigration advisory law firm. This firm has evolved from practicing exclusively in the areas of UK nationality and immigration law. Their expertise includes an international mix including immigration laws of UK, USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Malta, Portugal (Golden Visa), Dominica, St. Kitts & Nevis, India and Canada.

They offer clients a personal and friendly, yet comprehensive solution to their immigration, travel and business needs with more than a decade of experience providing immigration and nationality services.

With the benefit of their extensive experience, they are able to understand the client’s needs and advise on the prospects of success and potential pitfalls in pursuing an application.


The desire to keep moving ahead and achieve new milestones is what keeps us going. Working to make new and meaningful connections and having those connections work for you is how you achieve success in this material, tangible and ever changing world. As professionals, you have the power to influence people’s decisions and if used wisely and honestly, you can wield huge success and triumphs in your career which will also ensure financial success.

Referring to SmartMove Immigration is not only helpful for your client as they get to know more about opportunities in investing at a global platform but also for you as you too get referrals in return which increases your client base and enhances your practice as a professional.
You can know more details about how this process works by filling the form on this page to request a callback from Global Mobility experts at The SmartMove Immigration.