Migrate to Canada – What is it like to live in Canada

The purpose of this article is to provide a very basic, yet valuable, introduction to the nation of Canada for anyone considering migrating there. The reasons to visit a country are vastly different than the reasons to move permanently to a new country. The latter would require a thorough understanding of life in Canada, and not just its beautiful pictures.

In order to get you started on your endeavor, our associates have taken the pleasure to give you the basics in this aspiring immigrants’ guide to life in Canada.

Let’s begin…

Where is it?

Canada lies north of America and is the world’s second largest country. The majority of Canada’s population lives near the southern border with the United States.

Can you get a job there?

In recent years, the Economic conditions have been relatively good for most of the country.

A few years ago, you would not have been advised to come to Canada if your goal was to earn your wealth.

But now rising wages and a strengthening currency have pushed Canada’s average salary higher than the USA’s, the UK’s, and most of Europe’s.

Like any prosperous nation Canada has not been immune to general economic ups and downs, but the overall trend seems to be nothing but optimistic in the past several years. Getting work is not particularly difficult for skilled migrants when they first arrive in Canada. However, ideally you should arrange for a job before you move to Canada.

It is absolutely important for you to check that Canadian employers will accept the qualifications and experience you possess.

If you have specialized, in-demand skills you are less likely to encounter difficulties but that is still not a reason to make sure your qualification are recognized by employers in Canada.

IMPORTANT: If your English language skills are not excellent, you may find it almost impossible to get a job appropriate to your skills.

Now that we’ve got the crucial part covered, let’s talk about some of the other subtle perks of life in Canada.

The People

Canadians tend to be very hospitable, warm people. The majority of Canadians are very tolerant towards foreign cultures and follow a ‘live and let live’ philosophy.

Getting a job or living comfortably in certain parts of Canada like Quebec requires fluency in French. So be sure to check up on the language of the province you choose to immigrate to.


Contrary to popular misconceptions, Canada is not a frozen wasteland. Most of Canada has a semi-continental or a continental climate.Depending on the exact location, summers are warm or hot and winters are cold or very cold (or brutally cold). The exception is Canada’s Pacific coast, where summers and winters are mild.

Sunshine is abundant in most provinces, particularly central parts of the country.


Toronto and Vancouver are Canada’s most multicultural and cosmopolitan cites. They are rich in cultural and artistic activities and their eateries offer most of the world’s finest cuisines. It would be hard to feel homesick while living in Canada.

So there you have it folks the popular reasons to migrate to Canada and what to expect with life in Canada. The more you know, the better prepared you would be to make your decision. If you indeed decide to make your immigration move to Canada, be sure to check with our immigration professionals at The Smartmove2Canada (A unit of Smartmove Immigration) for all the assistance and guidance you require for the Canadian migratory processes.

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