Looking for Job in Australia – Read this

If you have entered Australia with Australia PR then you are probably starting to look for jobs in Australia.

This post is intended to help increase a job seekers employability in Australia. It will be a comprehensive overview on three important aspects that you should consider investing your time in, to greatly increase your chances of finding and sustaining work in Australia.

First things first,

1) The Resume (and Cover Letter)

In Australia, you would be required to write a different cover letter for every job that you apply. Now what is a cover letter? A cover letter encompasses of two paragraphs that explain why you are ideal for this particular job. You use this opportunity to talk about your past experiences, and convince the employer why you are the right person to get this job.

Since every country has it’s nuances when it comes to writing the right CV, we at Smartmove2 Australia [unit of Smartmove Immigration] advise our clients to have a look at some of the best practices in writing CVs for employment in Australia.

You can also access some job portals like:

  1. www.seek.com.au
  2. www.indeedn.com.au
  3. www.jora.com.au

Note: General principles of job search apply in Australia too, chances are you may NOT get the first or even the first several jobs that you apply for in Australia. But the persistence to find a job in Australia almost always pays off in the end.

Second, understand that Australia is tech savvy society…

2) Mobile Apps

Most employers in Australia are starting to use technology more actively in the recruitment process as are the job seekers. There is an application in Australia called Found, wherein if you like the job that you are looking at, you have to swipe right and if you don’t like the job, you swipe left. Sound familiar? Good. Because then Australia is the right place for you.

In addition to Found, there are several other applications that you can download for your mobile phones. All you’ve got to do is fill in you bio data, your work experience and what would you like to do. Then you can search for thousands of jobs, right on your phone screen.

Lastly, no work Experience? Volunteer experience can be just as valuable…

3) Volunteering (especially for international students at Australian Universities)

Now this is more important than you think. You might think that you don’t want to work for someone if they don’t give you money, you don’t have time for that. But trust me when I say that volunteering in Australia is good for you.

What do I mean by volunteering and where would you find the right opportunities?

Every university has a job portal, wherein there aren’t just job postings, but also volunteering opportunities. Now while these jobs wouldn’t pay you, they will be extremely handy for your CV because Australian culture places a high value for individuals who have done things beyond the ‘normal’ curriculum’s of their education.

Besides the ‘going the extra mile’ reason, volunteer work would also endow you with several skills that would be extremely useful for you in your career (as well as job hunt) in Australia:

  1. Your communication skills would significantly improve, enabling you to communicate coherently with Australians.
  2. You will make a lot of friends, and when you have an extended network in a new country, your employ-ability will increase.

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