Life in UK

Life in UK

(This article was updated on 25/07/2020)

The United Kingdom has been at the center of global civilization for centuries now. Many todays would argue that the times of Britannia’s glory are close to an end, if not there already. But glory or not, the UK is far from a position in which it would have to let go of all its past heritage and influence over global diplomacy.

There are many factors that can be attributed to the phenomenal rise, and stronghold over global trade and culture by the United Kingdom. Some of these factors are along the lines of the British culture itself. Therefore, a blog about global migration cannot be complete without a post acknowledging (and admiring) some of the softer aspects of the British way of life, which may have unknowingly contributed to the political strength of the British Empire for half millennia.

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How is Life in UK any different from life anywhere else in the world? There are many ways, and we shall be posting regular updates on such kinds of things that make the British a little different from the rest of us every month. Today, let’s have a look at some of the behavioral traits that you might in fact be affected by should you be planning a long term stay in the UK. Best to be aware of these things, as these are the aspects of your UK client conversations that no one might tell you about:

  1. Read between the lines:
    The British are famous for being subtle. Its very rare that you would encounter a British person who would tell you exactly what they want from you. Its much more likely that they drop hints for you to pick up. If you are not looking to pick these hints up, then you might end up overlooking some crucial bits of information from your meetings with British clients.
  2. Dry humor:
    There is a misconception in the world that the British are not funny. In fact, the British brand of humor might be the best part of life in UK. If you get it that is. Pay attention to the metaphors, and jokes without the typical dramatization. Don’t worry if you don’t catch up immediately, spending enough time around British individuals with automatically see you becoming more and more humorous in the British way ☺
  3. Football:
    Even if you don’t like the sport, or are not particularly interested in any sport, just read up on the highlights of the sports pages once a week. It’ll help you know the teams, and a couple of players names. That much information is enough for you to win over a bunch of Londoners with a beer and a tv.

There you have it, the first aspect of Life in UK: the subtelties.

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