Is Carribbean Passport a good idea

For an investor or a business person the business opportunities are never confined to one part of world. They are always looking for a place for themselves on the world map. However, one often gets restricted due to the immigration barriers and hassle involved in obtaining the visas.

A dual citizenship gives access to the world’s most powerful financial markets. Dual Citizen by Investment in the Caribbean has given rise to the number of investors that are looking for investment plus a second passport! A Caribbean Passport is not only an open door for brilliant holidays, family vacations and getaways, but also grants access to various perks such as the natural resources available in Caribbean can be an additional asset added in your you by investing in the future of the country.

Presently, dual citizenship* programs are available in four of the Caribbean Island: Antigua, St. Lucia, Grenada and Commonwealth of Dominica. Citizenship by investment allows you to invest in their National Development Fund (NDF) or you can also invest in real estate in Caribbean.

(*dual citizenship subject to regulations of the Home country.)

A second passport has number of add-on benefits such as

  • It can expand your travel possibilities by increasing your credibility as a global citizen
  • It allows you to travel internationally even if in the unlikely event your primary passport is lost, stolen, or withdrawn
  • It gives you the right to live in other nations.
  • It can aid in international tax planning
  • It can turn your dream destinations into a place you can call your home.
  • A second citizenship can facilitate access to some of the most prestigious and finest offshore Universities and schools.
  • Your heirs would be able to embrace global citizenship forever.

Therefore, a Caribbean Passport can be a person’s key to the new world of free movement, greater flexibility and in most cases if you qualify for the Caribbean Passport, you spouse and minor children will qualify as well.

The bottom line of this is that, a Caribbean Passport will facilitate your business, have its remarkable contribution in your assets plus give you a picturesque home for you and your family.

Smart Assistance for Smart Ambitions

Investing your wealth in a passport of a dynamic and economically versatile country is one of the up and coming wealth management strategies used by so many high net worth individuals today. Smart Move Immigration can offer you with all the relevant guidance to assist you with your process towards obtaining a Caribbean passport. For more inquiries, fill in your details on the Contact Us form or call us on +91 86575 16866

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