At Smartmove Immigration our experienced Immigration lawyers provide advise and assistance to high net worth individuals in obtaining alternative residency and citizenship through business immigration programs.

Key benefits for investors
  • Better quality of lifestyle | Visa free travel – no hassles to apply for visas
  • Protecting your assets | Excellent health care
  • Better lifestyle for children | Cheaper education
  • Investments are available at low prices at the moment

Countries typically offer two options:

Obtaining citizenship by investment –
here the applicants make a single lumpsum payment or purchase the relevant investment to obtain citizenship. Citizenship applications result in applicants obtaining the nationality/passport of that country. In certain cases if the home country does not permit dual citizenship, then applicants would be required to give up their existing nationalities.

Popular citizenship options through investment are

For queries regarding obtaining Portugal citizenship with investmentyou can contact our Immigration experts on +91 98191 27002 or email

Obtaining residence -
here the applicant is granted Permanent residence of the country. A PR holder retains their nationality and is allowed to live and work in the selected country. Dependents can also join applicant on PR in that country. Once the applicant meets the requirement of citizenship based on meeting the relevant requirements including residency – they are eligible to apply for citizenship.

Popular countries to apply for Permanent Residence based on investment are:

Ask our experts on eligibility, added benefits, how they can go about doing it, help in investing in businesses abroad.

For queries regarding obtaining Portugal citizenship with investment you can contact our Immigration experts on +91 98191 27002 or email