Investing in USA

Investing in USA does include just the EB5 Investor Visa. Every year, approximately 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas are made available to qualified applicants under the provisions of U.S. immigration law. These types of visas are divided into five preference categories.

Our Associates at SmartMove Immigration explain the visa application process for Employment Fifth Preference (E5) Immigrant Investors, also called Immigrant Entrepreneurs in this blog post. for additional employment based immigrant visa categories, sign up for the SmartMove Immigration blog by leaving your email below. U.S. immigration law makes visas available to immigrant investors seeking to enter the USA to engage in new commercial enterprises that benefit the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment.

To qualify as an immigrant investor, a foreign national must invest, not borrow, the following minimum qualifying capital dollar amounts in an authorized commercial enterprise:

  • $1,000,000 (U.S.); or
  • $500,000 (U.S.) in a high-unemployment or rural area, considered a targeted employment area.

A qualifying investment must, within two years, create full-time jobs for at least 10 U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, or other immigrants authorized to work in the USA

Categories of Immigrant investor visas USA:

  • Employment creation outside a targeted area – C5
  • Employment creation in a targeted rural/high unemployment area – T5
  • Investor Pilot Program not in a targeted area – R5
  • Investor Pilot Program in a targeted area – I5

To be considered for an E5 immigrant investor visa, an applicant must file Form I-526, Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur, with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). For more information on qualifying as an immigrant investor and filing the Form I-526 petition, see EB-5 Immigrant Investor, EB-5 Immigrant Investor Process, EB-5 Regional Centers, and Permanent Workers on the USCIS website.

To decipher such procedures in a manner that allows you to make your USA investment visa applications in as effective a way possible, minimizing changes of refusals or complications, we strongly recommend you to contact our immigration experts at SmartMove Immigration. Our attorneys have been in the global legal immigration scene for more than a decade now, giving us the edge required to virtually guarantee our clients the successful application of their USA Visas, whichever the kind.

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