How to apply for Canada Open work permit?


Canada is a popular destination for migrants considering settlement from around the world. The Canadian government is looking out for skilled workers to enter their country for the purposes of employment; or otherwise, which would help the country’s economy to flourish. They have various Immigration programs to promote the same, for instance, the most popular immigration program in Canada at the moment is Permanent Residency for 5 years. There is another sector for generating employment into the country that the government introduced called Open Work Permit.

Essentially Open work permit is quite literally as it sounds. The permit allows the employee to work for employers, that have been recognized by the government, for a particular period of time. These permits are available for immigration purposes as well.

There are essentially two kinds of open work permits for migrants:

  • Unrestricted work permit – this allows the migrant to work in any part of Canada and any occupation, as permissible.
  • Restricted work permit – this allows the migrant to work in specific locations or occupations.

There are certain requirements that the foreign national desirous of applying for Open work permit in Canada needs to meet in order to secure the same. The requirements often differ depending on the location and occupation of the applicant, however, some requirements remain common for all locations and occupations as appended:

  • The applicants while filing the applications must prove to the Immigration officer assessing their application that they would return to their home country once their work permit expires. It is naturally expected out of the migrant to not overstay from the period granted to them and besides, they have to prove the same at the inception itself.
  • The applicants are required to show that they have sufficient funds to support themselves for the duration of a grant of their visas. This is because the government wants to make sure that funds from the Canadian public domain are not being used.
  • The applicants are also required to abide by the laws in force and to also have a clear criminal record which could be evidenced in a documented form like a Police Clearance Certificate (as required)
  • The applicants must also demonstrate that their health is in good condition and by means of taking a medical exam.
  • The applicants are also required to follow the eligible employers list for Open Work Permit for Canada and not work for employers that are deemed ineligible or have been referred to as non-compliant.
  • The applicants must also be non-threatening and not prove to be a danger for the country

Additional to these, the applicants must provide any other supporting documents that the officer assessing their application may deem imperative to assess the same.

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