How can Indians benefit from Grenada Citizenship

benefit from Grenada Citizenship

International mobility has been increasing since the advent of more globalized systems and immigration laws around the world. The US has been one of the topmost destinations for Indians to migrate to and forth and SmartMove2UK aims at explaining how various forms of citizenship and their knowledge could make it easier for people to make decisions. With the various policies and immigration laws seeing dynamic advancements in recent times, VISA attainment has become challenging. Clear and important information can help concerned parties make evaluated decisions regarding the same. A lot of countries (approximately around 140 countries) including have options to travel visa free to the US given the correct and sufficient information regarding the same. However, for 90 days a Grenadian VISA is not needed by Indians.

SmartMove2UK attempts to discuss one such Visa namely the Grenadian E2 Visa with an easy attainment procedure through Citizenship Investment Programs. These programs aim at high income entities from developing countries and help the individuals diversify their portfolios and enhance investment opportunities in these regions.

How can Indians benefit from Grenada Citizenship?

According to SmartMove2UK research, Indians have a good opportunity through this VISA to obtain a Grenadian VISA and settle in the area with their loved ones, while also investing in it and making decisions to obtain citizenship of the Caribbean country. To be treated at par with the Grenadian native individuals one has to indulge in the E2 Visa Programme. It is special in the sense that the only country in the Caribbean that allows investment and VISA attainment through CBI programs and citizens can thus access life and work in Grenada. Indians can thus enjoy a lot of facilities and opportunities to flourish in Grenada and get special benefits if they meet the required criteria and interests.

Citizenship of Grenada

Citizenship of Grenada would also give you other privileges apart from the ability to stay and work in Grenada.

A VISA holder would thus get some more additional features as discussed:

  • Right to live and work in Grenada
  • Right to relay citizenship to the next generations
  • Full Grenadian citizenship without having to stay and visit Grenada
  • VISA free travel to several other countries a few being Europe, Singapore, Russia, etc.
  • Concessions and relaxations in the tax slabs regarding inheritance, foreign income, property, etc.
  • Ease of doing business on an international level and investments in foreign real estate
  • Tax planning on entire worldwide income

Grenadian VISA can help Indian residents avail benefits while also being of good use to NRIs who naturally look for opportunities to reduce their potential tax outflows. The business advantage with the Grenadian VISA is that it helps avoid and slash down taxation and inheritance outflows. Grenada is free from many tax clauses like the inheritance tax, gift and wealth tax, and foreign income tax, being a useful opportunity for many. Corporate tax incentives prove to be attractive to businesses and imply more investment in Grenada. Indians can make use of all of these aspects.

Overview of The Grenadian Visa Application Process

SmartMove2UK thus puts out the entire application for easy access and understanding regarding the criteria and important stuff related to the Grenadian VISA application process. Fortunately, the application process is structured in a streamlined fashion. 90 days are required to apply and process the application with due care and diligence. Another 90 days for the VISA to be finalized in case of acceptance is required. The Government of Grenada issues the final E2 VISA after the given stipulated time. The VISA application does not require any formal experience or interview negotiations.

Without visiting or staying in Grenada, one can obtain ownership of citizenship after investing in the country for five years. Interestingly, that asset can be sold off to another interested party who wants to obtain the VISA after 5 years with the original party. In this scenario, the first party maintains their citizenship in perpetuity.

Cost Implication – Grenada Citizenship

Regarding the CBI (Citizenship by Investment) program, anyone who is above 18 years of age holding a singular asset can include themselves in the application along with the spouse, parents, children, and siblings (of course subject to some specific eligibility criteria).

Read Pathway to Grenada Citizenship

People wanting access to a second passport might find the Government is the best way to go about it by investing in public approved real estate. One just needs to find an attractive and viable Government entity to a project of Grenada to invest in, and withhold ownership to its self for 5 years at least. There is a minimum cut on how much one can invest in terms of valuation – the number being close to 1.6 crores in Indian Rupee terms (nearly 220,000 dollars in the US), this does not include the fees for the Government which is primarily based on the family composition of the applicant. A deposit of around 10% is also charged, this 10% being on the value of the investment to be given within 3 months from the application date.

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