Express entry Canada requirements program opens gateway to Canada residency


Highly qualified migrants from around the world can move to Canada fairly quickly through the Express Entry Canada requirements program has envisaged access to Canada. Launched in 2015, the Express Entry program has turned into the fundamental driver for entry of qualified talent to Canada and one of the most prevalent migration frameworks all around.

With the proposed targets under the 2019-2021 Canada Immigration Levels Plan, this number is set to rise.

What is Express Entry Canada?

Express Entry is an application framework used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to oversee and process applications released through three of Canada’s government monetary migration programs for talented labourers.

The program ensures that the applicants in the best position are granted entry to Canada based on their qualifications, experience and ability to integrate in Canada – along with a favourable demographic profile.

One of the common question applicants have is that

Does applying with Spouse or common-law partner help the express entry application

Applying with a spouse or common-law partner can procure Canada Spouse Visa and help the main applicant benefit from the skills and experience of their spouse/CLP.

Further applicants can their spouse and children. Besides, once the applicant is settled in Canada they can also invite their parents to join them on the PR visa.

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