How to meet the English language requirement for Canada Express Entry Rules program


In 2019 Canada has already welcomed 1000s of successful applicants along with with their families on its PR program, the Canada Express Entry program based on the Canada Express Entry Rules.

This ‘simple’ points-based program allows Canada to screen the tens of thousands of applications from people around the world who are desirous of migrating to Canada and then select the most suitable applicants who will add the best value to Canada.

One of the key criteria of the express entry Canada requirements is for the applicants to score points to demonstrate they meet the English language requirement.

  • Under the Federal Skilled worker program if the age of an applicant is in between 18-35 yrs with Bachelors Degree equivalency by any ECA body such as WES or IQAS, etc, having work experience of more than 4 years  then the language requirement would be 20 which is Listening:7.5, Reading:6.5, Writing:6.5, Speaking:6.5.
  • Then the candidate scores more than 67 points which means they qualify for the Express Entry.
  • For older applicants, there is a trade-off between Experience and IELTS and even IELTS of their spouse/common-law partner [if applicable] to meet Canada Express Entry Eligibility points of 67.

The minimum requirement of IELTS starts from CLB7 to CLB10, any Primary Applicant who is getting 5 or 5.5 in any of the bands, the score will be invalid and they have to reappear for the same, having said if the spouse is getting CLB4 to CLB10, it is still valid for the spouse and it will fetch them 5 points.

The appended table makes the point for the same:



LRWSPoints ( PA)Points ( Spouse)
108.5 ( 6 points)8 ( 6 points)7.5 ( 6 points)7.5(6 points)24 points5
98( 6 points)7( 6 points)7( 6 points)7( 6 points)245
87.5( 5 points)6.5( 5 points)6.5( 5 points)6.5( 5 points)205
76( 4 points)6( 4 points)6( 4 points)6( 4 points)165


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