Easy Access for Canada PR Visa with Canada Express Entry


People and families around the globe can move to Canada inside only a couple of months through the Canada Express Entry system, migration choice framework. Express Entry, first presented in 2015, has turned into the fundamental driver of gifted specialist movement to Canada and one of the most prevalent migration frameworks all around for Canada PR Visa.

Under the 2019-2021 Canada Immigration Levels Plan, the quantity of new lasting occupants conceded through Express Entry over the coming years is set to increment.

What is the Express Entry Canada Program?

Canada Express Entry Program is an application framework utilized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to oversee and process applications released through three of Canada’s government monetary migration programs for talented labourers under the purview of Canada PR Visa.

Express Entry is an aggressive migration framework, positioning every single qualified competitor against each other and afterwards welcoming the best positioning possibility to apply for Canadian changeless inhabitant status. Competitors are positioned against each other dependent on their age, instruction, language capability, work understanding, and different elements.

Within the purview of Express Entry, people and families intending to settle in Canada can turn out to be new changeless occupants inside only a couple of months.

The most common FAQS about Canada Express Entry are mentioned aforesaid. These queries focus on the application procedures and parameters of the permit for Canada Express Entry and CRS Scores as far as permanent residency is concerned.

The existing two crucial parameters that you can try to improve your CRS score:

  • Perfect your profile
  • Language
  • Spouse/partner as a primary applicant
  • Work experience
  • Proactively prepare for an ITA or provincial nomination

Example of Language

Language is an example of a valuable factor within the CRS and can be worth up to 190 CRS points by considering single applicant and CLB10 as an IELTS band and CLB7 ( B2 level) in the French language. Additionally, the language aspect can also be frequently improved because the levels required to enter the Express Entry pool are significantly lower than the level that awards the maximum CRS points. For a Federal Skilled Worker candidate to enter the Express Entry pool, a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 7 is required in each language ability — Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking with Master’s or Dual Bachelor’s Degree with 12 months of experience from one of the companies of the last 10 years. However, the highest language level for which points are awarded within the CRS is CLB 10. English Language requirement is also valuable because it counts for points in several sections of the CRS:

  • Within the human capital factors such as Age, Education, Language Ability, Canadian Work experience
  • Within the skill-transferability “combinations”;
  • Within the additional factors such as the French language

The table aforesaid exhibits how language combined with another factor, in this case, education, can be worth up to 50 points. Skill transferability combinations for education and language A CLB of 9 or higher is needed in all four language abilities —Listening, Reading, Writing, and speaking — to obtain the maximum of 50 points. Having even one ability, below CLB 9 could make you fall from getting the full 50 points. On the contrary, improving a single ability could earn you many points.

Skill Transferability Factors

IELTS+ Education

IELTS ( CLB7 or 8)

IELTS ( CLB9 or 10)

Post-secondary program credential of one year or longer or Bachelor’s Degree



Dual Bachelors or Masters or PhD




IELTS ( CLB7 or 8)

IELTS ( CLB9 or 10)

Foreign Work Experience between 1 to 2 yrs



3 yrs or more of Foreign Work Experience



IELTS +Foreign Work Experience

  1. Education Factor:

 By considering an educational qualification properly a candidate can fetch a maximum of 150 points considering PhD qualification being a single applicant.

This is possible by obtaining the Education Credential Assessment report by various agencies of Canada such as WES, IQAS, ICES, CES, etc for the degree a candidate has and this is required to make the Non-Canadian Degrees equivalent to Canadian one to obtain CRS points.

Similarly, a spouse can also get the Education credentials assessed by the various bodies which will fetch them a maximum of 10 points.

No ECA is required from candidates who are holding a Canadian Degree. Below table can help you understand it better.

All these eligibility requirements help you to improve your score as regards Canada.

Degree in EducationHaving a spouse or common-law partner
(Maximum 140 points)
Not having a spouse or common-law partner
(Maximum 150 points)
Spouse on a standalone basis






One-year degree, diploma or certificate from  a university, college, trade or technical school, or another institute



The two-year program at a university, college, trade or technical school, or other institutes



Bachelor’s degree

Dual Bachelors119128



Doctoral level university degree (PhD)140150



  1. Spouse /Partner as a Primary Applicant:

To make anyone be the primary applicant, there are 4 factors to be determined which are as follows: Age, Education, IELTS, Work experience. If the Spouse is having less age and Qualifications as a Dual Degree with good IELTS score such as CLB9 then it is always better to make spouse as a Primary Applicant In short, whoever is having a higher IELTS score then they could be the primary applicant and if not, it is better to check if the occupation code is in the demand list of any of the province and then take a decision accordingly. If you want to apply for Canada PR or Canada Express Entry, you can speak to our Canada Immigration Experts on +91 7045688237 or email us contact@smi.legal for further clarifications and queries. You can find our presence in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Bengaluru as well as Mumbai being our registered office along with international boundaries extending to London.