Doing business in Yukon, Canada – Part II


Yukon, Canada offers a pathway for investors and entrepreneurs seeking to invest in or start a business in Yukon. In these series, we look at the opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs.

Yukon has been ranked third among Canadian jurisdictions and ninth in the world for investment attractiveness, its positive ranking and benchmarking continues to propel investment in the territory.

Snapshot of mineral wealth in Yukon

  • 30 million ounces of gold,
  • 50 million ounces of silver
  • 10 million ounces of platinum
  • 15% of the world’s lead-zinc.
  • Canada’s only Carlin-style deposit
  • Canada’s highest-grade silver mine.

Yukon remains largely unexplored.

Infrastructure advantage:

  • A strategic location, which are closest North American ports to primary Asian Markets.
  • Three ice-free ports year-round.
  • Well-maintained and connected Highway System.
  • More than 5000 km of all-weather maintained highways.
  • High capacity fibre optic cable and 4G service throughout Yukon communities.
  • International and community airports in close proximity to many Yukon projects.

Yukon is bestowed with Positive investment climate. Canada and Yukon have globally competitive mining tax systems. Yukon holds competitive profit-based royalty regime. There are steps to mining development which are well-defined. Canada’s most advanced land claims are found in Yukon.

Yukon European Union advantage

Yukon companies enjoy preferential treatment in EU:

  • Under the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) 98 % of EU tariff lines are immediately duty-free for Yukon goods, comprising metals and minerals as well as mining equipment.
  • An improvisation in the access to the EU for Yukon service suppliers in collaterals such as technical and professional services.
  • Enhancement in labour mobility for business-related travel.
  • The capability to bid on procurement contracts at all levels of EU government.
  • Greater certainty, transparency and protection for investments.


In addition, there are numerous benefits for Yukon in the arena of Mining, Energy and Exploration. The EU is the world’s largest importer of metals and minerals and its consumption has grown rapidly over the past decade.

  • On day one of a provisional application, CETA immediately eliminated all tariffs on the territory’s exports of metals, minerals and mining equipment, making these products more competitive in the EU Market.
  • Yukon’s extractive industry-specific benefits from preferential access to provide technical and advisory services in the EU. Service providers from Yukon can compete on equal footing with EU service providers and receive better treatment than most of their non-EU competitors.
  • CETA’s labour mobility provisions make it easier for highly skilled professionals in the mining and energy sector to execute business in the EU, for example, to attend meetings, negotiate sales, and provide engineering and technical consulting services.


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