CYPRUS Citizenship by Investment

CYPRUS Citizenship by Investment

The best part about Cyprus Citizenship is that it enjoys visa-free travel to all of Europe, it is not actually a part of Europe’s borderless Schengen Area. You can obtain Cyprus citizenship with an investment of €2 million in real estate, government bonds, a bank deposit in a Cyprus bank, or investment in a new company. Cyprus citizenship was always costlier than other options – at one point costing well into the eight figures – but unlike most other programs, you can invest rather than donate, making it a great business come immigration strategy. If return of capital is important for you, Cyprus may be the most attractive citizenship by Investment Option for you. There is a slight added requirement step, though: you must own a €500,000 home in Cyprus. And this house must be owned by you indefinitely. This requirement is likely a response to government demands for investors to maintain a “real presence” in the country rather than simply ‘buying’ a Cypriot passport. On a positive investment note, as of late, several Cypriot cities have become hot destinations for developments in trade, finance and other industried. Limassol, affectively referred to as the “Moscow” of the Mediterranean”, showcases more skyscrapers than almost any other European seaside city as a result of passport investment.

Additional information to consider about Cyprus Investment by Citizenship:

Your home purchases are subject to VAT (Value Added Tax), meaning you will end up paying “sunk costs” even though your qualification is technically an investment. Whether you can recoup that 5% to 19% later will be determined by the market. But the good news is, the market is promising.

Smart Move Immigration Verdict:

Cyprus offers EU citizenship, but isn’t part of Schengen. If you were planning to start a low-tax company or buy a luxury sea-side villa, the Cyprus Investment by Citizenship is your thing. And if investment in Cypriot Citizenship is your chosen course of action, then we’re the guys you can count on. Smart Move Immigration is a legal firm with extensive expertise on every legal aspect of Investment Immigration, which include Citizenships by Investment.

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