Covid-19 in Cuba & Government measures to combat economic impact

Upades of Covid-19 in Cuba & Government measures

Covid-19 in Cuba & Government measures –

As per the surveillance published on 3rd Apr 2020, Cuba has in total 233 confirmed cases and 6 deaths. The first case was confirmed on 11 Mar 2020. The first three cases confirmed were confirmed were Italian tourists.

By 20th March, the number of confirmed cases increased to 21. It was announced that Cuba will restrict entry to residents with effect from 24 March. Only Cuban residents may enter, that is, if they have not been outside of Cuba for more than 24 months; as well as foreigners residing on the island. With effect from midnight on 1 April, Cuba suspended the arrival of all international flights.

On 2nd April, the Cuban government suspended the arrival and departure of all international flights.  They have not announced a date on which the airport will reopen to international flights.

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