Why citizenship by investment is a suited option during emergencies

Citizenship by Investment is a suited option

Life is unpredictable and circumstances are not always favorable. In this world of uncertainty, it becomes our basic instinct to ensure safety and security in some form. What will you do if a sudden plague or pandemic hits the country you live in? What will you do if your country of birth is forced into a war or riot? What will you do if a sudden climatic destruction falls upon your birthplace? Having the access to live in a country other than you were born in is one such defense measure against urgent and unavoidable emergencies. Though it’s not easy to get citizenship but there’s a quick way of doing it – citizenship by investment.

What is Citizenship by Investment?

A foreign national can buy a property or invest in a foreign country in ways specified by their respective laws can get citizenship in that particular country. The amount of investment required to avail citizenship is depended upon rules and guidelines of the particular country. CBI is currently a billion dollar industry and the present pandemic has had a positive impact on it.

This is the easiest way to ensure citizenship. You can also have the opportunity to get permanent residence by investment. A large number of high net worth individuals are attracted to Citizenship – by investment to add a second passport to their investment portfolio for increase in their mobility and visa free travel freedom. St Kitts was the first to introduce CBI in 1984 followed by Dominica in 1993. By 2014 many countries joined the CBI club including countries like UK, Canada, Malta, USA, Portugal etc. You can know about CBI and other such options through SmartMove Immigration.

Walkaway Financing option for citizenship by investment and PR by investment

Why Citizenship by investment?

COVID-19 has taken everyone by surprise. It has hit people in every possible way and according to scientists it will not disappear anytime soon. Pandemics and wars as well as other destructive circumstances hit unexpectedly and instill panic and fear.

A majority of business owners and entrepreneurs have been severely affected by the global pandemic COVID-19. The pandemic has forced people into months long quarantines and also hit the global economies deeply. In a situation like this, an economy that is still doing well expresses its strength and is best to do business in. Such an economy will support you and your business to stay alive and keep selling in the worst of times.

Why Citizenship by Investment is Popular Even during COVID

COVID-19 has also exposed the health care system globally. Everyone needs good health care facilities and in the absence of which, your life gets in danger. If you are not satisfied with your country’s health care system, exploring citizenship through investment is a logical option. Having the access to a country with a strong economy and good health care system will help you survive and protect yourself from future disasters. Countries like New Zealand and Australia have been extremely successful in dealing with covid and also had a low number of active cases.

Apart from this, in times of emergency you need quick cash liquidity to save your business from closing down which countries like US, Canada and UK etc facilitate along with lower corporate tax rates and stable economy. To know more about citizenship and visa related issues, you can go to SmartMove Immigration for assistance and guidance.

Other benefits of Economic Citizenship are as follows:

  • Better education for children
  • Dual citizen status
  • Opportunity to invest in international real estate market
  • Ease of doing business
  • Taxation on world wide income

How to invest for citizenship?

Every country has its own guidelines under ‘citizenship by investment’ on how to invest and where to invest but following are the major and common ones.

  • Bank Deposit
  • Approved Investment funds, Share capital and Government bonds
  • Approved real estate investment
  • Approved Business or Enterprise investment

There are about 14 citizenship by investment available in the world (as per 2019). If you have made up your mind to know more about citizenship by investment, SmartMove Immigration is the place for you to explore.

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Self – preservation is a human tendency and waiting till the eleventh hour is not wise. Citizenship by investment is boon to those who want to grow and expand fearlessly and discover new horizons of business and entrepreneurial ventures. It ensures that you have alternatives to face any situation and also take your business at a global platform. CIB is also the final solution to those who always had a desire to live in another country of dreams and choice.
It is the best choice when it comes to ensuring quality education for your children and best health care facilities for you and your family. It also protects you from situations like war, riots and other social emergencies by giving you a safe place to relocate to. A country with a strong economy and health care system will also help you sustain global pandemics and outbreaks.

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