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At SmartMove Immigration our global mobility experts can advise you for citizenship and permanent residence options. We can advise you on investments in bonds, fixed deposits and other paper instruments to save the time and trouble to having to visit a new place and view multiple property options.

We can also provide in-country support to help you purchase businesses, make investments.

Get second citizenship or Permanent residence for you and your entire family (including dependent parents/in-laws*)

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Difference Between Citizenship and PR

There are a large number of available options today for the purpose of immigration which include Citizenship by investment, Investor Visa and Permanent Residences (also referred to as Golden Visas).

Some of these programs include direct citizenship, while others offer residency visa whilst others come with residency that can be further lead to citizenship.

At SmartMove Immigration our global mobility experts help clients to decide a viable option between citizenship, permanent residence and visa options.

Among the various options Permanent Residency and Citizenship are the most common ones and often hard to distinguish.


Living in a country doesn’t necessary imply that you are a citizen of that country. Certain rights and privileges are granted by a nation to its citizens and to become one, you need to meet the nation’s legal requirements. If you need assistance in following this process, then take the assistance of SmartMove Immigration. If you are interested in this method of immigration, then following points need to be considered.

  • If you are an applicant who is originally a citizen of India, then you will lose your Indian Citizenship upon acquiring citizenship of another country.
  • You can apply for OCI card as well as receive it.
  • You may be eligible for the benefits and rights that are unique to citizens such as visa free travel, consulate access etc.
  • You are allowed to live and work in the country as well as purchase property, buy businesses, take a job or invest in companies.

At SmartMove Immigration we offer advice and assistance on citizenship by investment in countries like Malta, Bulgaria, Grenada, Turkey.

Permanent Residency

Permanent Residency is essentially a person’s resident status in a country. You are not a citizen of that country but you still have the right to reside which is usually for extended periods. If you are considering this path of immigration, then keep the following points in mind.

  • If you are acquiring a PR of another country and are an Indian citizen, in that case you will not lose your Indian Citizenship.
  • You will not need an OCI card since you still hold the Indian passport.
  • Since you still will be an Indian national, you are covered under visa rules for Indian nationals.
  • You can live and work in another country as well as purchase property, invest in companies, buy business and take job, however it will be subject to visa conditions.

Which immigration choice will you opt for depends upon your need and requirements as well as your future plans.

At SmartMove Immigration we offer Permanent residence to Portugal, Malta, Greece, Republic of Ireland, Spain and many more destinations.

Investor visas

Certain countries also allow individuals to enter the country on a business visa that could be linked to investments that they are making in country.

At SmartMove Immigration our global mobility experts can advise and assist to evaluate eligibility for the viable option to countries like UK, USA, Canada and many more.

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