Canada PR Visa and Express Entry Canada


The parameters of Canada PR Visa as far as Express Entry Canada is concerned are mentioned aforesaid. The work experience factor is illustrated for obtaining Canada PR Visa.

Work Experience Parameter as far as Canadian work experience is concerned. Usually, if you have 3 years of non – Canadian work experience will fetch you maximum points but if it is below 3 years then the points may go down by 25 points. A candidate having Canadian work experience adds extra weight age to the CRS score. It has been shown below for your review.

Canadian work experience

Having a spouse or common-law partner
(Maximum 70 points)

Not having a spouse or common-law partner
(Maximum 80 points)

None  or less than a year


1 year



2 years



3 years



4 years



5 years or more70


This assists in the application for the Canada Open Work Permit. A candidate may consider a job title as unskilled, but the duties performed by the candidate may be considered as skilled in the National Occupation Classification or NOC of Canada which should fall in O ( Managerial level), A( Professional level) B ( Technical Level) categories.

So, you should focus further on the job title and make a comparison of the duties performed by you against the different occupations that are mentioned in NOC and determine if they are considered skilled or not.

ITA and Provincial Nomination. ITA is the last stage of the Canada PR Application and Provincial Nomination is the middle stage of the process if an applicant is getting nominated.

Example: If an Applicant’s score is 350 in the Express Entry Canada pool and having a sibling connection in Alberta can increase the likelihood of receiving a Notification, thereby Nomination after submitting the successful application. This adds on to 950 points in the CRS score of the Express Entry, thereby increasing the very high chances of receiving an ITA.

Steps to do after ITA:

  1. Gather all the documents such as Education, Experience, Passport, Digital Photo, Nomination letter received from the respective province, Police certificate from the home country and any international country where the applicant stayed for 6 months or more than 6 months, Get ready with the Personal history, address history, Proof of funds, Medical Examination conducted by the Panel Doctors, Reference letters, All the work experience documents, etc
  2. Upon getting ready with all the documents successfully, the proper audit has to be done and then upload the documents successfully.

ITA is the crucial stage of the PR Application and if it is not handled properly, it may lead in refusal of the Application and if there are any misrepresentations then the applicant may be banned for 5 years.

Provincial nomination: There are various provinces of Canada such as Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta.

Before getting a Provincial Nomination Program for Worker, you need to receive a notification from any of the province (esp. Ontario) or you should have your occupation code listed in the demand of certain province like Saskatchewan. Based on the requirement, you should meet the eligibility criteria of 60 points and then an applicant can enter the information on the Saskatchewan province and wait for the draw to happen.

Once you get selected in the draw, you will have a provision to upload all the relevant documents except Police certificate, medicals. If the application is successful, you may receive 600 points from this province which will be with the Nomination letter from the province.

When you receive a nomination from certain province then you are required to stay in that province for certain time, however, if you are getting a job offer from any other province, you can explain the existing provincial government and move to a different province.

British Columbia: This province sends a notification to the person who has a job offer in British Columbia.

Ontario: It sends a notification to the people as per their criteria such as having a CRS score above 435, sometimes 439 and having an occupation codes of IT sector such as ( 2173,2174,0213, etc). After you receive a Notification, you will have a provision to create a profile and submit an application successfully.

Alberta: It sends a notification to the people as per their criteria such as having a CRS score above 300 having a connection in this province such as siblings living in this province. After you receive a Notification, you will have a provision to create a profile and submit an application successfully.

Manitoba:  The criteria for this province is different than all the above which has been mentioned. This provincial requirement is to have a friend or relative as a connection and then based on the eligibility points of 60, you are required to obtain a CRS score of at least 600 for your profile to be picked up.

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