Canada PNP investor pathways – Impact on Canadian economy

Canada PNP Investor programs might just be the future of investment visas. In the words of Mr. Justin Trudeauat the four-day conference, called ‘Collision’ labeled as north America’s fastest-growing technology conference, held in Toronto (held in Canada for the first time):

Immigration Has Led to Canada’s Booming Tech Industry.”

We have seen the Canadian economy flourish over the past few years. Canadians know that we get more resilient communities … when we bring in people from all around the world

Canada’s Express Entry Program is a much sought after and renowned immigration pathway for skilled workers across the globe. Canada’s Provinces also have independent programs which provide nominations for those skilled workers or businessmen who are seeking a settlement in those particular provinces and have the necessary qualifications; these are known as PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs).

PNPs also provide opportunities for investors looking for settlement in those provinces to integrate into their business communities. Potential immigrant investors have to apply to the province of their choice through the PNP and get assessed based on age, business experience, net worth, language proficiency, business plans, etc. Each province has its own requirements for its PNP investor route.

Let’s consider MPNP (Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program) to better understand the requirements that potential investors looking to settle in Manitoba have to meet. The province of Manitoba is initiating the new BIS (Business Investment Stream) which is to replace the MPNP-B program as the entrepreneur pathway. The main eligibility requirements under BIS are:

CriterionMinimum requirements
Business Experience3 years (out of the last 5 years) of full-time experience either as a business owner or as a senior manager in a successful business
Business InvestmentCAD 250,000 (if business in intended to be set-up in the Manitoba Capital Region)


CAD150,000 (if business in intended to be set-up outside the Manitoba Capital Region)

Business Research Visit and Business PlanThe applicant must have conducted a Business Research visit to Manitoba (no more than 1 year prior to making an application)
Net WorthCAD 500,000

These programs have immensely helped the economies of the provinces, thereby having a significant impact on the Canadian economy as a whole. The most important contribution is in the form of Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs). These investments have a direct positive impact on the development of infrastructure, health care and other social welfare benefits provided to the Canadian citizens by the government.


Other benefits of these programs include but are not limited to:

  • Immigration of innovative entrepreneurs who would help the development of globally competitive businesses in Canada
  • Generation of wealth and job opportunities for Canadian citizens
  • Cultural diversity and population expansion to harness the vast natural resources of the country
  • Help with succession planning for retiring Canadian businessmen (9% of the native population would be 65 and over by 2040)

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