How to improve your score as regards Canada Immigration Scoring System on your express entry profile?


The Canada Express Entry program continues to attract the brightest talent to Canada. And with the targets under the 2019-2021 Canada Immigration Levels Plan, this number is slated to grow.

Understanding the Express entry framework

The Canada express entry program is a points-based system that awards points to the applicants based on age, educational qualification, work experience, ability to speak English [even French] and for the ability to adapt in Canada.

Canada Immigration Scoring System states that the key concern for any applicant is on how to improve their scores on the comprehensive ranking system [CRS], typically the CRS scores can be improved by either Perfecting your profile on parameters of Language, Education and adding skills of spouse/common partner.

Applicants can also proactively prepare for an ITA or provincial nomination

For instance, the ability to score points for language is an example of a valuable factor within the CRS and can be worth up to 190 CRS points by considering single applicant and CLB10 as an IELTS band and CLB7 ( B2 level) in the French language.

Language is also a crucial parameter that can often be aimed at improvisation because the levels and benchmarks needed to enter the Express Entry pool are considerably lower than the level that awards the maximum CRS points.

Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry Canada has parameters where a candidate who wants to enter the Express Entry pool must score a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 7 is required in each language ability — Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking with Master’s or Dual Bachelor’s Degree with 12 months of experience from one of the companies of the last 10 years.

However, the highest language level for which points are awarded within the CRS is CLB 10.

Language proficiency is also significant because it counts for points in several sections of the CRS:

  • Within the human capital factors such as Age, Education, Language Ability, Canadian Work experience
  • Within the skill-transferability “combinations”;
  • Within the additional factors such as the French language

The following illustration shows how language combined with another factor, in this case, education, can be worth up to 50 points.

Skill transferability combinations for education and language

A Canadian Language Benchmark of 9 or higher is needed in all four language abilities —Listening, Reading, Writing, and speaking — to obtain the maximum of 50 points.

Having even one ability below CLB 9 could make you fall from getting the full 50 points. On the contrary, focusing improvisation on a single ability could earn you many points.

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