Beginners guide to settling in Australia

Australia is a popular destination for highly qualified professionals to migrate to, particularly IT professionals, Doctors, Accountants, Surveyors and even qualified tradespeople.

In this post we provide some handy tips on getting started to living in Australia, once you have your Australia PR.

Accommodation in Australia:

Finding the right place to live is a key concern when moving to a new location.

In Australia there are plenty of choices, however if you are considering renting a property you should consider:

  • Check whether it’s your name on the lease; sounds trivial but it’s important for a new migrant in Australia to start building their credit history. This will later enable you to get loans easily.
  • Proximity of your house to public transport. Your life would be a lot easier if you don’t have to walk for an hour every day to get to your nearest train/bus station.

Some handy apps to make your life easy in Australia

  1. Travel Apps: The public transport apps.
  2. Weather Apps: The weather in Australia can vary widely from day today.
  3. Gumtree: The household trading app used by most Australians for purposes such as selling a bike, to buying a house.
  4. Accommodation apps like
  5. Seek – An amazing job application for professionals that makes job hunting as easy as Tinder (almost…)

Applying for a Tax File Number

Without a Tax File Number, you would have to pay a higher rate of tax, and you would only have 28 days to supply this to your employer once you start working. If you have no idea how to apply for a Tax File Number, do not worry. Here is how to apply for a Tax File Number, which is a crucial aspect of life in Australia for immigrants.

  1. Go to: -> this is the only legitimate government website for Tax File Number applications. Do not get trapped by scammers.
  2. You will need to have an Australian Bank account before you can apply for a Tax File Number.
  3. Unless you apply with professional legal immigration assistance, you can only apply for your tax file number once you are in Australia.

Everyone who works in Australia is required to pay taxes in Australia, regardless of their country of origin.

Smart Move Immigration for Australian Immigration

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