Australia Visas

Australia Visas

Australia’s political and economic advantages are complemented by its welcoming attitude and excellent quality of life. In 2009, Australia’s quality of life was ranked 6th in the world out of 57 key economies, ahead of New Zealand, the USA and the UK.
(Source: IMD World Competitiveness Online 1995-2009, Worldwide Quality of Life Index 2009).

Australia ranked second on the UNDP Human Development Index 2009, behind only Norway, and Australia’s life expectancy (81 years) was the fifth highest in the world. The level of access to healthcare professionals and services in Australia is also amongst the highest in the world.

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Australia Visas

Living the lifestyle

With one of the highest standards of living in the world, Australia offers a superb climate, a unique and beautiful environment, and quality social and cultural infrastructure.

Australian cities are regularly judged to be among the most liveable in the world across by a range of international surveys. In the Economist Intelligence Unit Liveability Ranking 2009, four of Australia’s mainland capital cities were ranked in the top eight liveable cities in the world.

Living the lifestyle
Living the lifestyle

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Salaries in Australia

See the results from a leading job portal in Australia on what to expect in Australia

ClassificationMinimumMid RangeMaximum
Mining, Resources & Energy$118,454$134,009$149,564
Consulting & Strategy$96,240$109,023$121,806
Information & Communication Technology$86,158$97,663$109,168
Human Resources & Recruitment$76,101$85,701$95,302
Healthcare & Medical$76,150$84,953$93,756
Marketing & Communications$74,983$84,052$93,121
Banking & Financial Services$71,891$81,714$91,537
Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics$67,020$74,890$82,760
Advertising, Arts & Media$65,527$73,745$81,963
Retail & Consumer Products$50,782$57,179$63,576
Hospitality & Tourism$50,377$56,063$61,748
Call Centre & Customer Service$48,000$53,584$59,169
Administration & Office Support$46,567$51,939$57,311
Note: Data is sourced from and is indicative only.

Education in Australia

The quality of Australia’s education and training sector is internationally recognised. The country has well-designed private, state and federal-funded education systems offering high quality primary, secondary and tertiary education, and extensive vocational training, including specialised institutions for teaching English. Expatriate students at Australian schools can continue their schooling at US and European educational institutions without difficulty.

Sport and recreation

Australians not only work hard, they play hard. Their love of sports is famous. New facilities created for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, along with many other centres, provide options to view and participate in many sports.

Australians also love the outdoors. Australia has more than 7000 beaches stretching along thousands of kilometres of coastline, creating access to all water sports. Mountain ranges in Victoria and New South Wales offer a choice of snow sports and hundreds of state and national parks provide access to vast, pristine wilderness areas.


Australia supports a thriving national and local art, theatre, dance, film, opera and music scene which attracts many international performers and artists. Australian restaurants are creating an international reputation for their fresh and inviting menus.

The print and broadcast media is robust and lively, with about 1,200 lifestyle and other magazines – among the most per capita in the world – catering for all tastes.