It is possible for obtaining second citizenship with Caribbean Passports and apply for US Citizenship Online

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(This article was updated on 02/01/2021)

Second citizenship is a phenomenon that is seeing growing interest in the recent challenging times. Now understanding and acquiring US citizenship is feasible with Caribbean Passports. The reasons to obtain dual citizenship can vary from person to person. These reasons can vary from a sense of future security to having easy access to travel. A few reasons why people consider dual citizenship are:

  • Freedom of Movement– Making travelling easy and more accessible as cost of visa fee, processing time and pressure of the uncertainty of being granted a visa can be saved.
  • Business Opportunities– Expanding or starting a business in the UK or starting up something new is an option if dual citizenship is granted.
  • Having a Plan B– Having a sense of security or something to fall back on if things don’t work out in one country.
  • Stability for Children– Better education systems in the UK or better social interaction from a young age can help children grow.

The Caribbean passport programs are becoming popular due to the simplicity of the process and the comparatively lower ticket sizes. Citizenship for investment programmes for Antigua, St. Luca, Grenada and Commonwealth of Dominica has its perks. This route is available to those who invest in their National Development Funds (NDF) or real estate.

Currently, second passports and economic citizenship programmes in these countries are quickly and easily acquired. In comparison to other countries that grant dual citizenship, these countries provide citizenship at a much cheaper rate. Low waiting periods and conservative rates also make these programmes attractive to the fiscally responsible investor willing to expand.

The Caribbean has witnessed dual citizenship procuring gateways not only to magnificent holidays, family vacations and getaways, but it also envisages penetration to many important perks such as:

  • Personal Freedom– Enjoying full residential rights and banking freedom, Increased educational opportunities for the family, Health, cultural and retail benefits
  • Visa-Free Travel– Visa-free access to over 120 countries for a Caribbean Passport holder. No more arduous visa applications.
  • Security- The number of millionaires in the Caribbean increases almost weekly, one can aim at protecting your business interest and your family’s future. Reduce the restrictions arising from your nationality and eliminate the conscripted service for you or your children.

Of the various Caribbean citizenship programs getting a Grenada citizenship enables the applicant to apply for E2 Visa to enter the USA, as Grenada is a E2 Treaty country with the USA.

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