ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA Citizenship by Investment

Antigua and Barbuda started its citizenship program in 2012, and has a unique citizenship investment requirement: citizens must live there for 35 days out of the first five years. Which is not generally trouble, but it is something to remember nevertheless.

Antigua and Barbuda’s investment options follow standard costing standards for Caribbean passports and range from a $125,000 donation to the government to a $400,000 real estate investment to a $1.5 million business investment. You can also invest only $400,000 into a business if you join a group with other applicants investing at least $5 million collectively.

Antigua and Barbuda joined the recent price wars among nations offering citizenship by investment programs, slashing its price to match Dominica and St. Lucia. They did add an additional processing fee however.

Antigua is a strategic budget option with several investment sub-options. However like several nations offering lucrative citizenship by investment options in recent times, it has been lost its visa-free access to Canada.

Smart Move Immigration Verdict:

Antigua and Bardbuda offers several options for investing, but it all depends on analyzing whether it’s the best value for your money. We would be happy to go over these options with you should you choose to book an appointment with our experts.

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If you want a guarantee of getting our citizenship within 6 months to a year, the programs offered in these mentioned countries best for you. If you prefer to invest less — or if you believe you have other benefits you can bring to a country besides just a checkbook, consult with our immigration experts for the best second passport investment option for you.

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